Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In the dead of night, robbery afoot.
Three gun-toting thugs, one unarmed cashier.
Across the store back, a shadow moves.
It startles the thugs, "What was that?" one said.
"I'm going to check," another robber said.
The shadow appeared in front of the thugs.
"No need." the shadow spoke in a dark voice.
Before the triggers of their guns were pulled,
His movements quick, they became disarmed,
The cashier sets off the silent alarm
The thugs movements, slow and predictable
They scrambled for their guns, but he was too fast
He dodged every move, countered attacks
Before the robbers realized what hit them
The thugs were unconscious, they had been beat
The lights and police sirens flood the scene
Police order, "Come out with your hands up!"
The masked mans walks through the doorway, hands raised
The man proclaims to the world, "I am Joey..."
"Joey Saint Wombat the vigilante!"
He runs at the barricade, with no fear,
Their guns fire, every bullet misses.
Joey jumps onto a police car and runs,
Bullets ricochet, hero escapes.
Joey Saint Wombat the vigilante.

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